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Make Your New House Kid-Friendly

One of the advantages of buying a new house in Orange County is that you can select how the interiors are finished. While you may be tempted by the beauty of luxurious drapes and the feel of deep pile carpeting, your children can easily make you regret those choices. You may want select more practical kid-friendly alternatives.

Window Coverings

Floor-to-ceiling silk curtains that are draped voluminously on the floor can make your home look like a palace. They’re also a great place for kids to play hide-and-seek and for pets to lay on. The fabric can easily collect dust, pollen and other allergens. Cleaning will require laboriously removing every rung and then sending the fabric to be dry-cleaned. A practical alternative is to use shades, which only require wiping and can be raised out of harm’s way for most of the day.

Wall Coverings

Avoid fabric and textured wall coverings, which are impossible to scrub clean. And woe to you if your kids decide to draw on them with crayon. Vinyl wallpapers are easy to scrub and can hide dirt if they sport a small pattern. Other good options are wall tiles made of hard materials such as ceramic, marble, and granite. They’re durable and easy to wipe. Paint can be a good option if you use satin or semi-gloss, which are easier or maintain than matte finishes.


Carpeting may be warm and comfortable underfoot but their fibers attract odor and dirt, and deep pile can become a jungle of lost items, food particles, and art materials. For easier maintenance, stick with solid surfaces like wood floors, stone, tile, or laminate. If you go with tile, choose the largest pieces possible to minimize the number of grout lines, which can trap dirt. You can still enjoy the comfort of carpet by using area rugs or carpet tiles. These alternatives can at least be sent out for cleaning when needed.

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