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Millennials Prefer New Homes with Urban Redevelopment

Millennials in their 20s and early 30s came of age during the era of urban sprawl, but are making their way back to the hip, urban communities of Southern California. New home builders across the country are finding Millennials prefer urban living. According to an article by Professional Builder, urban infill housing is hot as Millennials and their baby boomer parents migrate back to the cities. It used to be people who wanted to buy new homes had to travel further and further out as communities became built-out. Withurban redevelopment or urban infill developments, Millennials can be catalysts of urban revival.

Feeling good about contributing

Urban redevelopment projects can bring jobs to communities, which makes the younger generation feel good about where they live. Some of the perks about living in urban areas include easy access to transportation, dining and entertainment. Millennials can walk to their destinations, which allows them to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Decorating in the urban chic style

On a practical side, urban redevelopment helps convert run-down spaces into hip housing. On a more whimsical side, having a home or townhome in an urban infill development gives artistic Millennials a chance to design their living spaces with urban chic or modern urban décor. The resurgence of urban lofts with exposed flooring, minimalistic furniture, open space and metropolitan artwork has inspired other homeowners to replicate the urban feel in their homes.

In the past, people spoke about the “throwaway” generation, but Millennials are more interested in salvaging, recycling and preserving things as well as communities. Urban redevelopment provides opportunities to resuscitate dying neighborhoods in Southern California.

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