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New Home Builders in Southern California Can Help Keep Your New House Termite-Free

One important thing on the “we need a new house” checklist is inspections, and the most important inspection is for termites. Of all things that could potentially damage your new house, termites are the most relentless. When new home builders in Southern California work with clients in building a house, one of the things they work on is pretreatment for termites. The builder wants your house to be perfect for you, so he’s going to do all he can to keep it termite-free. Here are a few of the ways he’ll do that.

Bug-Resistant Woods

Termites feed on cellulose. Cellulose is a major ingredient in wood. Some termites use it for housing, while others need it for food. Trees have their own method of protecting themselves from decay and insects. When the tree gets older and taller, cells within it begin to die. These produce chemicals as well as new wood called the heartwood. As the heartwood grows, the ability of the tree to resist insects grows. Some woods are naturally insect-resistant, like cedar and redwood, black cherry and several types of oak. Many tropical woods have the same qualities, but are a bit more expensive such as teak, Brazilian rosewood and Central or South American Mahogany.

One of the facets of these trees is that the older they are, the more resistant they are to insects. There have been documented cases of homes built with these woods that have lasted for almost 200 years with not a bug in sight. Ask your new home builders in Southern California about the age of the wood used in building your new house. Not only are these woods, especially cedar, naturally termite-proof, but they also have natural sound-proofing qualities. That should come in handy when the kids want to crank up the tunes.


The use of barriers has been effective in keeping new construction termite-free. Treated wire mesh, treated blocks, insulation and soil have all been used successfully in termite prevention. Chemicals sprayed into the ground before laying the slab of the foundation have also been successful in repelling the bugs. When the property is being prepared for construction, the new home builders in Southern California will work with experts in treating the whole property instead of just the building to prevent termites making a home in the grounds around the house. These are called subterranean termites. When they run out of space, about twice per year they will swarm about in the air searching for a new home. That’s when you don’t want them to see your new house. Treating the grounds as well as the building keeps this from happening.

Other Considerations

Termites love wood mulch as much as the next bug does. They can get into your new house after a meal in the mulch. Make sure you put a barrier between the house and the garden like railroad ties or bricks. Check that the woodpile for the fireplace isn’t close to the foundation or anywhere else the bugs can enter your new house. Stumps and debris from landscaping and building your new house should be removed immediately. Cardboard is made of cellulose. When the new appliances come in, make sure the boxes are hauled off so the termites can’t get lunch and then move into your new house. New home builders in Southern California can give you more advice when you contact us with plans for your new house.