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New Home Facts to Consider When You’re Shopping for a House

Some people automatically assume it is more expensive to move into a newly built home as opposed to a resale home. What they may not consider is by the time you knock out walls, repair or replace the roof or spring for a new, more efficient heating system or new windows, you’re really not saving as much as you thought you’d be. Plus, you’re setting yourself up for endless weekend projects – ones that don’t involve hobbies or fun!

Newly built homes have more storage space. People accumulate more today. It’s just a fact of life! Back in the day, people had limited wardrobes and fewer possessions and could get by with small closets. In today’s world, you can never have enough storage space. So, when you consider new homes have roughly three times the closet space of older homes, it’s easy to see how a new home will be less cluttered and more organized than a home with less than ample storage options.

New homes have more and larger bathrooms. Not all that long ago, homes were built with one bathroom and, if you were lucky, an additional 3/4 bath or powder room. That’s when the bathroom battles changed everything. Everyone has the need for the bathroom in the mornings because everyone has someplace they need to be. New homes have twice the bathroom space, on average than older homes. That’s a big asset for any active family!

Newly built homes save you money on utility bills each month. And those savings can really add up over time. With new, Energy Star rated appliances, double and triple pane windows, more efficient HVAC systems and better insulation, a brand new home means you’ll save money and be more comfortable – a win-win!

New products and systems + warranties = saying goodbye to maintenance for years to come. This not only saves money, but precious time and energy as well. Consider so far this year, homeowners living in older homes have already spent over $594 million more on repairs and maintenance than homeowners in newly built homes. (And we’re not even half-way through the year yet!)

No need to compromise because with a newly built home, the floor plan can be one that works for your family. Always dreamed of a walk-in pantry or a spa-like bathroom? Done! That’s one of the nicest things of all about building a new home as opposed to buying a home that’s five, 10 or 15 years old that somebody else has lived in. There’s no need to compromise or settle for anything.

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