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New Orange County Houses Are On Sale

With Irvine and Orange Coast Colleges and John Wayne Airport serving this area, and beautiful beaches such as Newport, Orange County has enormous appeal for new home buyers. Part of the area’s charm is an array of clean industries, an active nightlife, and even great pro sports teams and Disneyland nearby.

As a discerning customer, your overarching concern is, in a built-up area such as Orange County, do I have to settle for buying someone else’s home?

In a word, no. One of the new Orange County houses on sale can be yours.

Brandywine Homes offers you the opportunity to live where you want and in the home of your dreams. We are a family business that specializes in building beautiful homes in built-up areas such as Orange County. No need to choose between the community you really want to be part of and the brand new home you seek.

At Brandywine, we understand community, especially the communities of Southern California. We excel at quality design, craftsmanship, and customer service. We want to partner with you to bring you the lifestyle you are looking for, right here in Orange County.

We take into consideration your wishes and needs, and next generational concerns to save energy. Value, resourcefulness, trust, and confidence – those are the hallmarks of Brandywine Homes.

Whether you are thinking of staying close to a job and to family members but want a new home, or you are considering a second home or relocating, we understand that many options are available and many decisions need to be made. Our family has a long track record of successfully walking customers through the myriad of options to reach decisions they are happy with for years to come.

Contact us for an initial consultation to start on your path to your living in your brand new home.