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Not Your Mother’s Wallpaper

Remembering wallpaper from the days of past may conjure up images of little tiny roosters all over the kitchen or giant flowers screaming from all four walls of the living room. Take a breath. Wallpaper is cool again, and it doesn’t have to be terrifying.

Are you unsure of where and how to decorate with this medium? Read on to see how to design a beautiful space using wallpaper and some of its practicalities. Wallpaper has come a long way!

How to apply it. A long, long time ago, wallpaper had to be stuck to the wall with a paste brushed onto the surface. Next came prepasted wallpaper that, although less complicated than the first method, can still be troublesome. Today the option now includes peel and stick wallpaper! Study the pros and cons of each method to determine your application comfort level.

How much do I need? To determine how much you need, measure your walls and divide by the width of the roll you’re purchasing. Don’t forget to figure in the pattern repeat.

Where should I put it? Besides the obvious (walls), think about unusual spots to decorate with pops of pattern and color, for example, the space just behind your washer and dryer, the risers on your stairs, the insides or tops of repurposed furniture or the backs of glass cabinets and bookshelves.

What pattern should I consider? Of course this is entirely up to you and your personal taste, but if you’re drawn to a bold, bright print but a little scared as well, you can use it on a feature wall in the living room, the area behind your headboard in the bedroom or in a small, fun space like the powder room.

If you choose to paper an area, wall or an entire room, don’t rush your choice. Visit your local paint supply vendors and interior design centers to carefully sift through the many books available and imagine how the designs can work in your own living spaces. And take a walk through Brandywine Homes’ models to envision your vision on the walls of your potential new home!