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Pamper Mom in Your Brandywine Home for Mother’s Day

There’s a standard drill you’ve been going through for Mom every Mother’s Day. Buy her flowers or chocolate and then take her out to lunch or dinner with the family. While these rituals can be fun, they may be getting a bit staid if you’ve been doing them for years. Why not change things up a bit this year by keeping the celebration in your new Brandywine home? Here are a few suggestions.

Bring in a personal chef.
You can still take Mom to a fancy feast but have the food come to her by hiring a personal chef. These masters of the kitchen create the same culinary masterpieces you find in expensive restaurants but work their magic in the convenience of your own kitchen. You don’t have to worry about shopping for the right ingredients and bringing in proper equipment. They do it all for you and leave your kitchen as clean as you do.

To find out the type of foods a chef specializes in, ask to see sample menus. Keep in mind, however, that the listed dishes may not represent the chef’s complete range so ask if he or she can handle Mom’s favorites.

Plant a tree.
Traditional Mother’s Day gifts like flowers are pretty but they don’t last and chocolates are tasty but fattening. Give Mom something natural that will be there every time she looks outside by planting a tree for her in the backyard. You can try researching trees on your own but some varieties that work for our area include fruit trees like apple, peach and persimmon. If you’re new to tree planting, it’s best to measure the area where you expect to grow the tree and then take those measurements to your local garden center. You can then consult with experts on the best tree to put in the space.

Turn the house into a spa.
Treat mom to a spa day at home by calling in a mobile massage therapist who can give Mom a relaxing therapeutic once over. This professional will bring in a massage table, essential oils, hot stones and all equipment needed. If you can’t find one in your area using Google, try contacting local day spas and health clubs to see if they offer at-home services.

While Mom is being worked on, draw her a warm tub bath based on a theme, such as lavender or rose. Add a few drops of essential oils as well as her favorite bath products like essences, Epsom salts or bubble baths. Set a relaxing atmosphere by bringing in flowers that emphasize the theme, dimming or turning off the lights, and lighting aromatic candles. Some soothing music and a glass of wine are nice touches.

Plan a “Girl’s Day In.”
Join in with family and friends so you can all plan a “Girl’s Day In” for the moms who will get together at your place. Break the planners into groups and then assign a task to each group to make things go easier.
• One group can handle the invitations and decorations.
• Another can plan the snack buffet, preferably of different chocolates, sweets and wine.
• A third can plan the main activity for the moms, which can include a favorite “chick flick,” a grown-up pajama party or makeovers.

If this is the first time the other moms are visiting your place, make sure that a whole-house tour is part of the festivities. As for you and the kids, it’s best to vacate the premises while the party is going on so the moms can truly let their hair down.

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