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Plan for Regular Maintenance of Your New Southern California Home by Brandywine

A new home is the first step into the next phase of your life. Whether you’re starting a family, a new career or a fun-filled retirement, a new home in Southern California can be the backdrop for years of safe, secure, heart-warming memories. To start off right, plan to follow a regular maintenance schedule for your home. Proper maintenance can extend the lives of your appliances and the structures of your home. And your regular inspections can reveal concerns before they become problems, saving you money and headaches.

On an annual basis, roughly by season:


  • Inspect for insect activity outside. Any bugs outside the home can cause problems inside the home so look for any that are too close to the entries.
  • As you set out your patio furniture, start by washing it down with soap and water. Check for tears, splinters, or instability. A screwdriver might fix it, or a light sanding. The deck or patio might also need a repair so look for cracks or sagging boards, then give it a power wash.
  • Inside, clear the dryer vents by unhooking them from the machine and shaking them clear.
  • Clean your windows. Organize the garage (have a yard sale?)
  • Look for potential fire hazards like combustible fuels near heat sources (furnace or water heater). Drain the water heater to remove sediment from the tank.


  • Check the heating system for leaks and seals. Change the filters, and vacuum out vents.
  • Flush out outside faucets and drain hoses.
  • Have your heating system checked by a licensed heating contractor. If there’s a chimney, have a professional clean it before its first use.
  • Caulk around windows and doorframes to prevent heat from escaping
  • Make sure the roof is in good shape. Inspect for missing and loose shingles.


  • Check the plumbing fixtures for leaks or blockages.
  • Check the caulking around showers and baths. Remove shower heads and clean the gunk away.
  • Clean out refrigerators and freezers, clean the carpets, window- and door screens.
  • Tighten screws and bolts on window and door latches, hinges, etc.


  • As the weather warms up, prep your home for the coming hot months. Check the exterior drainage system and gutters for debris or blocks. Check hoses for tears or leaks.
  • Look over the exterior siding, paint, door and window frames, brick or tiles, and roof for wear and tear, rips, bald spots or fading. Touch up with paint or suitable covering, or plan to replace them if necessary.
  • Clean off the A/C unit and change the filters. Screens on windows and doors should be without tears, and should fit snugly in their channels.
  • Prune away dead plants, and prune back any that are touching the house. Rake debris from the beds and lawn. Aerate and fertilize all the green spaces.


The beginning of each season can be a trigger for the next maintenance phase. At the change of each season deep clean the whole house, wiping walls, vacuuming floors and ceilings, and washing windows. Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Refrigerator coils can be vacuumed and fridge and freezers wiped down, inside and out. If you have a water softener, check the salt level and replenish if necessary.


Each month, take a day to check and clean the sink disposals and water filters, wipe down the range hood, run a cup of bleach through the clothes washer and check the fire extinguishers for operability.

As an investment, your home is your biggest asset. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will reduce the chance of accidents or failures, and ensure that it is ready to host your friends and family all year long.

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