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Planning a Block Party

Moving your family into a new home can be an exciting and fun time for everyone! Depending on the neighborhood you choose, you’re likely to see kids running up and down the street and parents milling about watching them. If you are one of these new families, this is the perfect time to consider hosting a block party. A party is a wonderful way to mingle and meet neighbors in a festive atmosphere.

If you’ve never hosted a party like this before, we’re here to help. Following are some ideas and tips to throwing the best block party on the block!

  1. Get some help! You may want to do it alone, but isn’t the point of the party to meet new people in your neighborhood? Perhaps, you’ve spoken to a few new people on your street. Enlist their help or even knock on some doors, introducing yourself and inquiring about additional party planning assistance.
  2. Determine what fun and games you want to have at the party…potluck…bounce house…giant water slide…bbqs…games for kids…adult beverages…Then find out from your HOA or local city if you need a permit for any of these activities.
  3. If your new neighborhood has yet to set up a digital method of communication like a website or a Facebook page, take the old-fashioned pen to paper and then drop off flyers around your neighborhood. You can put them in mailboxes and at front doors and also post in communal areas like a pool or community building. On your flyer, list your contact info, date, time, suggested activities and, most importantly, a call to action! Ask for RSVPs, any required monetary donations and help for such items as potluck contributions, snacks, waters, tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc.
  4. On the day of the event get started early because the kids will be excited! Bring out all your necessary items to the street and let the festivities begin! Hopefully you’ll get lots of help for the cleanup too.

If your party is as successful as we think it will be, you may to consider making it an annual event or having parties on fun days like July 4, Halloween or an end of summer Labor Day bash! Regardless of the date, participating in neighborhood events such as this genuinely helps with building a true sense of community with the people around you. We at Brandywine Homes love to design homes and homesites that encourage neighborliness and comfort. Visit our neighborhoods page to see which home and location you and your family will like the best!