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Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Summer

Sweet and sunny summer is nearly here! The kids will be home, vacation days are on the horizon and outdoor activities dominate. From grilling to pool parties to lounging on the patio, here are some fun things you can do to summerize your outside space:

BBQ. If you sent your grill into hibernation for the winter and spring, it’s going to need a little TLC to get ready for its summer season workout. Do a thorough cleaning on the inside (check out your manufacture’s suggestions on the best way to clean) and give the outside a good polish. If your BBQ utensils are looking weary, upgrade to a new set. For more fun, purchase some new outdoor serving platters and dishes for an extra summery treat. Next step, find some fun recipes to try!

Patio. Since the winter and spring can leave behind a lot of dust and leaves, power wash the concrete or pavers and sweep out the corners for a freshly cleaned look. Touch up paint areas that need it and replace annual plants that may have died over the winter with new bright blooms.

Garden and Yard. Give your front and back yards and flowers some much-needed attention. Make sure irrigation levels are set for the longer sunny days and throw a little fertilizer at everything. Your beds may need weeding and raking, and you may even want to plant a few new items like herbs and vegetables.

Accessorize. Hang fun string lights and buy some bright colored inexpensive throw cushions for your furniture for pops of color. An outdoor weather proof rug can hide patio stains while adding texture and color to your space. Other outdoor invest-worthy items are water features like fountains and a firepit.

Getting ready for summer can be a fun and creative activity. Peruse sites like Instagram and Pinterest for fun decorating ideas and get the whole family involved. And then reward your busy efforts with a delicious summertime menu and dine al fresco! Brandywine Homes offers houses with outdoor spaces ranging from full-sized backyards to patios that can easily utilized for entertaining and outdoor dining. Visit our website to see our Southern California communities that best suit your lifestyle!