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PRESS RELEASE: Brandywine Homes Hires Real Estate Veteran Alex G. Hernandez as Senior Vice President of Land Acquisition and Project Management




Dec. 12, 2013 Brandywine Homes

As part of an anticipated expansion over the next three years, Brandywine Homes has brought on board Alex G. Hernandez, a former executive with The Olson Company and TELACU Development, as senior vice president of land acquisition and project management.

With more than 27 years of experience, Hernandez will leverage his deep knowledge of the Southern California housing market and his extensive contacts in the industry to identify promising infill opportunities, supervise entitlement efforts and work on annual business plans as well as day-to-day strategy.

“There are very few real estate professionals who are as accomplished as Alex at targeting the best infill properties in this challenging market and finding off-market deals,” said Brandywine Homes President Brett Whitehead. “Although we’ll be working closely together, this will allow me to focus on forecasting, build relationships with investors and analyze the financial aspects of growing the company over the next several years.”

Having spent his entire career in real estate development and land planning, Hernandez is in familiar territory. After spending the first decade of his career in local government as a city planner for major cities in Southern California, including Long Beach, Hermosa Beach and Los Alamitos, he parlayed his knowledge and skills to help developers find land and navigate the complex entitlement process that exists in this market.

”Since 1994, Brandywine has established itself as a leader in the Southern California housing market,” Hernandez said. “I am excited for the opportunity to join forces with a seasoned management team with a focus on in-fill housing.  Their range of products provides new housing opportunities to buyers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.”

Since 1996, Hernandez has worked in various capacities for The Olson Company, an urban infill developer that is one of Brandywine’s closest competitors in California, as well as various real estate consulting and site development firms.

His most recent position was senior vice president of acquisition & forward planning with The Olson Company, where he directed acquisitions or participated in obtaining control of 40 properties. Over the years, he also has worked for Olson as a senior advisor in 2010, senior vice president and managing director of the Greater Orange Division from 1999 to 2004, and vice president of development from 1996-1999.

Hernandez also worked for six years with TELACU Development, the nation’s largest community development corporation, where he established its first urban infill housing division. There, he conducted land acquisition and project management, and then managed purchasing, construction, sales, marketing, and customer service from 2004 to 2010.