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Public/Private Partnerships: They’re At the Heart of What We Do

We turned an abandoned property into a beautiful, walkable community within the core of Garden Grove. In Stanton, we took what was once a blighted area and helped transform it into needed housing at a moderate price. In Cardiff-by-the-Sea, the need for housing in an environmentally sensitive area could only be achieved with the involvement of several agencies, including the California Coastal Commission, and involved homeowners.

The public/private partnerships that we maintain in the communities where we build are at the heart of what we do. Infill development isn’t easy. In fact, other developers tend to run away from developments within cities, choosing instead to develop in the suburbs. At Brandywine, however, we relish the opportunity to work with local governments, environmental agencies, construction lenders and equity partners to address specific housing needs in established Southern California communities.

Throughout the entire process — from land acquisition to plan development to the eventual construction — we are in communication with our partners, in order to ensure that the project goes smoothly. We don’t build homes that are out-of-character for the neighborhood they’re in, but we do breathe new life into aging areas. We don’t contribute to suburban sprawl, but we do utilize blighted areas and underused properties in order to provide beautiful, affordable places to live. And all of this is possible because of our commitment to building partnerships that include integrity, trust, resourcefulness, and innovation.

For more information about the communities that we’ve developed throughout Southern California, or to find out how to partner with us, contact Brandywine Homes today.