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Spring Purchases to Prepare for Summer Fun

Spring is a wonderful time to start dreaming of the fun you will have this summer in your new home. It is also a good time to start making purchases to prepare for any summer projects you have planned. Yard and garden projects are popular for many families. If you own a new home you may be looking to put in new flowers, add mulch, or create an outdoor living space. Maybe it is time to get your first grill or lawnmower. Are you considering building a deck? Often any of these projects require purchases. Let’s examine some common new homeowner purchases!


Regardless of your outdoor project you will likely need a hose. Even if you don’t plan on putting in a garden, a hose comes in handy to clean off your car or your deck. If you buy a new lawnmower you will want to hose it off to keep it in good condition.

Have you ever hooked up a hose, turned it on and found no water coming out? This is extremely frustrating! You have to locate the kink that is preventing the water from passing through the hose and then attempt to straighten it out so water can flow properly. Consider purchasing a hose that won’t kink. These have been on the market for the past few years but weren’t a product that was available when you were a kid. Many people swear they take the frustration out of using a hose!


Walk around your property and consider what you might like to plant. Are you looking to put in trees, shrubs, or flower gardens? Do you want to try a vegetable garden? Consider the type of plants you would like to buy. Will they require full sun, part shade or complete shade? Locate a place on your property that meets those requirements. From the size of your space you can determine how many plants to purchase. If you do not have experience growing plants ask the employees at the local garden store. They will be able to help guide you as to what grows well in the area and give you tips to help you be successful. Also use this hardiness zone map to help select plants appropriate for your area.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you are considering adding an outdoor living space you will likely need patio furniture and a grill. Before you start shopping consider the what your needs are. How many people will you be entertaining? From that you can determine how much seating you need. Keep this in mind as you search patio furniture options.

Also, the amount of people you will be feeding can help you decide what size grill is needed. Do you want to cook multiple batches or have enough space to make burgers for everyone at once? After you have set the sizes you are looking for you can start shopping.


No matter what your project is you will find garden tools make it easier. Many homeowners find they need a shovel at minimum. Gloves are often also beneficial. Some people purchase a post hole digger and hoe as well depending on what projects they have planned. Try to determine what tools you will need before you start the project. It can be irritating to be part way through the project and realize that you need another item from the store! If you plan in advance you can ensure you have everything you need before getting started.

Inside Improvements

Summer isn’t only for yard work. Many families choose to take advantage of the time to make interior home improvements as well. In addition to spring cleaning, people sometimes decide to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls or improve their storage setup. Wall-mounted shelving kits can be put in the house, basement or garage to improve organization. To avoid clutter you will want to determine where to store all of your new outdoor tools!

Enjoying your first summer in your new house is exciting. You will enjoy the results of your spring preparation all summer long. To learn more contact us.