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Staging Your Current Home for Sale: Lessons from New Orange County Homes for Sale

House for sale - paid

We know who you are. You like to look at our model homes because it’s a fun thing to do, you get decorating inspiration, and let’s you dream about owning a new home. We’re okay with lookie-loos and, in fact, encourage you to keep coming back. Because if you like what you see, you may just end up buying one of our properties.

But do yourself a favor when you visit. Check out how we stage our homes, so they look like something you want to buy. You’ll learn a few things about setting up your own property when it’s time to sell.

Fix what’s visible.

Everything in our models is clean and in brand new condition. Buyers remain confident that they’re buying a well-made home that won’t require additional spending for repairs and improvements. If you want your potential buyers to have the same reaction to your property, clean everything and repair as much as possible. Househunters will notice the closet door that always sticks, the burned-out light bulb, or the torn screen. If you don’t fix these issues, your buyers will overestimate the cost of repairs and deduct that amount from their initial offering. They’ll also assume that the invisible parts of your home are in equally bad condition and lower their offering price even more.

Dump the detritus.

Do you notice any knickknacks piled on shelves, children’s toys scattered on the floor, or family photos covering the walls in our model homes? All our accessories are carefully selected to enhance the desirability of the space. Clutter makes spaces small and unkempt, and takes away focus from the home. Personal photos mark the home as yours, making it less likely that potential buyers will imagine themselves in your space.

Eliminate all these clutter and personal items to make your interiors look bigger, cleaner, and more inviting. When in doubt, take it out. But don’t store this detritus in your cabinets and closets, or they’ll look too small. See if friends and family can keep them while you sell your home. You can also rent a storage unit temporarily to hold all your extraneous items off-property.

Let there be light.

In general, none of our model home windows have window coverings. Those few that do have the coverings arranged to expose as much of the window as possible. This not only increases visual space by allowing your eye to travel outdoors but brings in natural sunlight, so rooms look brighter and more spacious. We turn on all the lights, even during sunny days, to add additional brightness. Position mirrors strategically on your walls to reflect exterior lights and multiply pleasant exterior views.

Go modern minimalist.

Except for a rare antique used as an accent piece, you won’t find ponderous or old furniture in any of our model rooms. Instead, we decorate with modern pieces that appeal to the broadest tastes that are small-scale. These choices make a room look and feel more spacious because you can easily walk among the furniture.

Remove as much of your furniture as you can, especially if they’re bulky, quirky, or old. (Store these extras away from your home.) Notice how your bedroom suddenly looks and feels larger because you’ve gotten rid of the dresser, chair, floor lamp, blanket chest, and exercise bike you never use. If you can, replace any bulky core pieces like sofas or a dining table with something lighter and more modern. See if people you know can lend you better pieces or tap a furniture rental place for options.

Why not come down to our Orange County homes for sale to see what other staging ideas can inspire you. If you want to know more about our developments, please contact us.