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Summer Moving Tips for Brandywine Homes

With the kids out of school, longer daylight hours and excellent weather, summer excels as the most popular time to move. If you’re planning to change homes at this time of year, check out these tips to make everything go smoother.

1. Pick the right time
Summer can be the worst time of the year to move. Because everybody is doing it during the season, scheduling can be difficult, especially at the last minute. Prices are at their highest because demand is at the greatest. If you can possibly move outside of summer, you’ll get lower prices and a wider range of movers and times to pick from.

If you must move during the hottest season, plan at least six to eight weeks in advance or more. Don’t move during major holidays, such as the Fourth of July, during any weekend or on the first or last days of the month. Ask the moving company when their least busy days and times are so you can schedule your transfer then.

2. Pack gradually

So that you can pack at cooler times of the day, box up your possessions a little at a time over several weeks rather than all at once. Taking your time will also allow you to gather moving boxes for free from local stores, friends and family. Your local moving company will also have supplies that they can sell you.

3. Be careful of the heat
Depending on how far you move, your possessions will be subject to extremes of heat for hours or days at a time. Don’t put anything in the moving van that could possibly melt, such as candles, vinyl records, CDs or electronic devices. In fact, don’t move any food, even those in cans and boxes because they can spoil. Cook up as much food as you can during your going-away party and give what you don’t use to friends or the local food bank.

Don’t forget to protect yourself, friends and family members from the heat if you’re physically involved with the move. Stay properly hydrated, wear a hat and put on generous amounts of sunblock. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibers for maximum breathability. If you’re going on a long drive to get to your new home, bring plenty of water for everybody in the car.

Don’t forget to bring water for your pets as well. Get started as early as possible, so you can avoid the sun’s heat. If possible, avoid exerting yourself from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. when the rays are at their most intense.

If you’re hiring professionals, offering them water or other cold drinks will help preserve their energy and make them more kindly disposed to your goods.

4. Watch out for utilities
Think about how or if you’re going to turn on the air-conditioning when you move from your home. The cooler air will certainly help with the exertions of you, your friends or the moving crew. But your utility bill could go sky high since opening and closing doors will make your HVAC system work overtime. Don’t forget to shut off service to your current home unless you want the next occupants to take advantage of the free energy.

Make sure all the utilities are turned on at your new home by the time you and the movers get there. The last thing you want to discover when you arrive is the water isn’t running for your bath and the air conditioning won’t turn on because you forgot to engage water and electricity.

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