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Why You Should Have Your House Built

custom home building

  • Why You Should Have Your House Built

    You have decided that, instead of looking at homes for sale, you want to build your dream home. There are several choices when it comes to buying a lot and building a home. Most people choose to hire a contractor to build a stick-built house while others prefer to purchase a modular home. There are benefits to both...
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  • Home Building Firms vs. Custom Home Building Contractors

    Is there an advantage/disadvantage to hiring a homebuilding firm like Brandywine vs. hiring a building contractor who does nothing but build custom homes? Since our custom home division is staffed by experienced builders, we don’t see any disadvantages.  Where clients might see an advantage is in the cost of...
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  • What type of homebuyer/owner seeks a custom home builder?

    Trends in Customer Homebuilding in Orange County Many people think that all custom homebuyers are wealthy individuals looking to build their dream house in an exclusive neighborhood filled with other custom homes.  While this may be true some of the time, there can be many other reasons for a homeowner to build a...
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  • Trends in Custom Home Building in Orange County: Why Now for Brandywine?

    When and why did Brandywine establish a custom home division, and how is that different from what you were doing before? Brandywine Custom Homes was established in the spring of 2009.  Creating a custom homes division was an idea we’ve discussed for several years so when the decline of homebuilding hit coupled with...
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