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Glass Cleaner that’s Always Greener

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  • Glass Cleaner that’s Always Greener

    When it comes to cleaning your windows, are you a good guy or a lazy guy?  Good guys whip up their own, wholesome, high-performance glass cleaners from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, inexpensive kitchen ingredients. Lazy guys go to the store and blow their money on one of a number of widely advertised, heavily...
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  • How to Move Into Your New Home

    Moving to new housing that you just bought can be an exciting but tiring experience. It can also be highly stressful if you just rush right into it. Slow down, especially if you have a family in tow, and make the transition as smooth as possible by using the following tips. Start with a plan. When you're still packing...
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  • Green Living Tip | Staying dry: Drought renews interest in water conservation

    Everyone has at least a little bit of green in them.  It might be as simple as switching off a light to save electricity or as committed as recycling every scrap of paper, plastic or aluminum foil that comes your way. But what about water? Are you as careful about using only what you need as you are about, say,...
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  • Green Living Tip: More reason to de-clutter (and 15 tips to inspire you)

    Recent news out of San Francisco has environmentalists cheering. City leaders there approved plans for 220-square-foot “micro apartments,” complete with pull-down beds that double as dining tables and mini-kitchens. Critics call them shoeboxes, dog houses and glorified prison cells. But city officials and the...
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  • Green Living Tips | Lightbulbs: Which kind is bright for you?

    Who would have thought you’d need instructions to change a lightbulb? In less enlightened times, all you had to do was pick the right wattage, screw the bulk into a fixture and flip the switch. But now, brightness is measured in lumens and lightbulbs come in a variety of shapes and hues. They can be more expensive...
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  • Spring cleaning: Make your home sparkle and shine with these green recipes

    Ah, spring. It’s the time of year when the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the days are longer and, for reasons that defy logic, we feel an urge to clean the house. It is said that the spring cleaning ritual originated in ancient times and may have something to do with our body clocks (think...
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  • Green Living Tips: Could your sofa be hazardous to your health?

    We’re not talking about the dangers of being a couch potato. Sofa cushions and many other household products often contain potentially toxic chemicals that can affect your family’s health. A coalition of health and environmental groups have dubbed these chemicals The Hazardous 100+ [Read More
  • Green Living: What’s in your toothpaste?

    Good genes may be the reason your late Aunt Emma sported a mouthful of strong, healthy teeth when she died at a ripe old age. Her great teeth might also be due, in part, to the dental products she used. Old-fashioned baking soda, it turns out, is one of the least abrasive of all teeth cleaners. As Dental Designs of...
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  • Green Living: Dishwasher Debate: Scrape, or Rinse?

    Ask a group of people if it’s best to rinse – or simply scrape -- the dishes before loading them into the dishwasher, and you’re likely to get a discussion worthy of the U.N. Council on Foreign Affairs. For the final word, we consulted the American Council for an Energy Efficient America.  That group’s advice...
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