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Glass Cleaner that’s Always Greener

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  • Glass Cleaner that’s Always Greener

    When it comes to cleaning your windows, are you a good guy or a lazy guy?  Good guys whip up their own, wholesome, high-performance glass cleaners from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, inexpensive kitchen ingredients. Lazy guys go to the store and blow their money on one of a number of widely advertised, heavily...
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  • Green Living Tip: More reason to de-clutter (and 15 tips to inspire you)

    Recent news out of San Francisco has environmentalists cheering. City leaders there approved plans for 220-square-foot “micro apartments,” complete with pull-down beds that double as dining tables and mini-kitchens. Critics call them shoeboxes, dog houses and glorified prison cells. But city officials and the...
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  • Green Living Tips | Lightbulbs: Which kind is bright for you?

    Who would have thought you’d need instructions to change a lightbulb? In less enlightened times, all you had to do was pick the right wattage, screw the bulk into a fixture and flip the switch. But now, brightness is measured in lumens and lightbulbs come in a variety of shapes and hues. They can be more expensive...
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  • Green Living: What’s in your toothpaste?

    Good genes may be the reason your late Aunt Emma sported a mouthful of strong, healthy teeth when she died at a ripe old age. Her great teeth might also be due, in part, to the dental products she used. Old-fashioned baking soda, it turns out, is one of the least abrasive of all teeth cleaners. As Dental Designs of...
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