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How Buyers Gain Advantage in a Seller’s Market

home buying tips

  • How Buyers Gain Advantage in a Seller’s Market

    by: Scott Schang, Trying to buy in today’s low inventory market takes time and patience and buyers can use every advantage they can get. Buying a home is not like wandering onto a car lot and picking up the latest make and model from your favorite manufacturer. The housing market is volatile,...
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  • How Much Home Can I Afford

    by: Scott Schang, According to the most recent Housing Affordability Index (, nearly two-thirds of Californians can afford to purchase an entry level home. Affordability is more than just a word, especially when you hear it in the context of reports like...
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  • Eight Reasons to Buy a Home

    You've probably imagined what your future home would look like -- what colors you would paint the walls, what kind of plants you would grow, and what kind of furnishings you would place around the house.  If you're considering buying a home, there are plenty of important factors to consider aside from legal and...
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  • Five Real Estate Tips from Warren Buffett

    Home ownership seems like its escaping more and more people every day; however, the economy isn't exactly an indication of whether or not you should buy -- the time could be just right for you despite economic circumstances. People are buying homes every day, and when it comes to investing and home ownership, Warren...
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  • 8 home-buying tips for 2012

    Contrary to what's commonly discussed in news and media, buying a home in the current economy is still a possibility if you find the right real estate professional to help you.  You can still go through beginning steps of the home-buying process if you're curious to see where you stand in comparison to the market and...
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