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Glossary of Common Terms New Homebuyers Should Know

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  • Glossary of Common Terms New Homebuyers Should Know

    Congratulations! You are ready to buy your first home. This is a very exciting time. You may find the real estate process to be a little confusing though if you haven't purchased a house before. It has a vocabulary of its own which can seem like a foreign language if you are a first time homebuyer. To help reduce any...
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  • How Much Do I Have to Save to Buy a Home?

    Saving for a home doesn't have to be stressful -- most lenders will finance 80% to 95% of the purchase cost if you're in good financial standing.  Do you know what factors lenders consider when pre-approving and approving home loans?  John Adams on shares how much you have to save to buy a home and factors...
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  • What kind of mortgage is right for you?

    by Scott Schang, Taking out a mortgage to buy a home is the biggest financial commitment that most people will make in their lifetime.  Homebuyers entering the market today have witnessed years of fallout resulting from homebuyers and homeowners choosing the wrong mortgage, which in many cases ended...
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  • Turning to Mom and Dad to Help Buy a House

    Qualifying for a home loan is more challenging in the current economy as lenders have implemented stricter guidelines.  Lenders will most often require a higher down payment before issuing loans to home-buyers.  Do you know what options are available to you and how to make the most of your financial situation?...
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