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The New Housing Advantage: Defining Your Personal Space

When you choose a reputable Southern California builder for your new construction home, you have the opportunity to select upgrades and optional extras that may instantly increase the value of your home. From a monetary perspective, a new home builder is able to get the best prices by working with local and national suppliers.

From an emotional perspective, new housing is special because no one else has ever lived in your space. Also, you add value to your home by choosing the finishes, appliances, cabinetry and features that are most meaningful to you and your family. According to an article by Burlap & Denim, there are certain builder upgrades that pay when you having a new home built.

Focusing on the kitchen

Most families spend as much time in their kitchens as they do sleeping in bedrooms. According to Burlap & Denim, it pays to have granite countertops installed in your kitchen as a builder upgrade. Granite countertops are easy to clean and increase resale value. Other upgrades include maple cabinets, high-end appliances and stainless steel double sinks. A spacious pantry is also important for resale value.

Bringing in light with skylights

Real estate experts also recommend paying extra for skylights and sola tubes. Burlap & Denim point out adding skylights would be a complicated DIY project after purchasing a home. If a builder offers skylights as an optional extra, let them install them professionally for a lighter and brighter environment. Other features that bring in more light as well as style include garden or bay windows.

Improving the curb appeal

Curb appeal is very important for many homeowners living in Southern California. One way to instantly improve the way your home looks is by spending a little on stone veneer, a tile roof and landscaping. In addition to an architecturally appealing elevation, wood decks and concrete patios add value to a newly-built home.

Of course, when trying to prioritize how you spend your money on a new construction home, don’t neglect technology and energy-efficiency matters. It pays to choose energy monitoring systems and efficient appliances. A new home needs to be pre-wired for television and telephone outlets.

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