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The Top 10 Smart Home Devices for Your New House (Part 1)

Buying a new home is an exciting experience, full of promise and possibilities. Walking through the empty rooms, you can imagine the many possible courses your life could take in your new home and, of course, the hundreds of ways you could decorate, innovate and make the place your own. One of the most popular modern upgrades to any home, allowing for ultimate personalization, is the smart home trend. Through the combination of AI intuition, an online dashboard and voice controls, you can gain immediate power over almost every electronic device in your new home from the ceiling lights to the coffee machine. Whether you’re kitting out your brand new home with smart home features right now or still researching exactly which components will work best with the location and your lifestyle, if you want the full Smart Home experience, consider the following ten most popular and convenient Smart Home devices on the market.

1) Color-Changing Lights

The first smart home device that almost everyone starts with is a color-changing lightbulb. This multi-colored low-power LED bulb has its own Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal and it can screw directly into a normal light socket. From here, you can use voice controls to set the color, brightness, and even group sets of these bulbs to turn whole rooms on and off or mood-light all at once.

2) Thermostat

The magic of a smart thermostat cannot be understated. Not only are modern smart home thermostats more easily programmed and controlled through a mobile device, you can also check and adjust the temperature by speaking to your smart home hub without having to walk across the house.

3) Video Doorbell

Ever want to see who’s at your door, even if you’re not home? A video doorbell takes the place of your normal doorbell and serves as bell, peep-hole, intercom and minor security system all in one. You can assess what you need to wear to answer the door or tell guests you’re not at home if you are out running errands.

4) Home Security

One could say home security systems were the beginning of our concept of an automated home, so it’s only natural that modern security can be integrated into your smart home system. Essentially, you can include anything from simple door and window sensors to a whole-house observation system depending on how much security you need.

5) Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras allow you to place cameras practically anywhere without the cable tethers back to your security system hub. They send their data through wifi instead, meaning you can even check in on the home through your mobile devices while you’re away. Motion sensors are often used for similar purposes.

Smart homes are a truly amazing part of the modern residential experience and installing one can be the perfect way to make your brand new home even more welcoming and comfortable for you and your family. Of course, this is only the first half of our list of useful devices for your smart home. Join us next time for the second half of this two-part article!

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