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The Top 10 Smart Home Devices for Your New House (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article about a smart home. Smart homes are by far one of the best things to happen for residential technology since the Roomba, and you can use them to make your brand new home even more inviting. Last time we talked about the introduction of the smart home along with a few useful devices that homeowners love like color-changing smart lights, smart thermostats, video doorbells and the incredibly powerful combination of smart security assets. Today, we’re picking up where we left off at smart outlets and power strips.

5) Outlets and Power Strips

One of the best parts about a smart home is that almost any wall plug or USB device can be made ‘smart’. All you need is a Wi-Fi-enabled outlet or power strip. Once a device is receiving power through a smart home outlet, you leave the device in the ‘on’ position and the smart home controls the flow of power for you. These items can include:
• Fans
• Air fresheners
• Lamps
• USB gadgets
• Phantom load

6) Speakers and Intercoms

After lights and outlets, speakers are probably the third most often purchased and used smart home devices. After all, who doesn’t want a whole-home sound system so your music or podcast can follow you through the home without waking the neighbors? Intercoms are also popular, though not as overwhelmingly so, and are a fun way to chat with family across the house.

7) Door and Window Sensors

These helpful devices detect when a door or window has been opened. Not only is this great for security reasons, it can also help you improve the energy efficiency of your home by reminding you to keep apertures closed to retain AC or heat.

8) Door Locks

Smart door locks are the latest in-home security technology. Most of them feature both a normal key and a keypad which allow you to enter a code to unlock the door instead. You can give a different code to each family member to track their comings and goings and temporary codes to guests.

9) Environmental Detection

Another way to protect your home with smart home technology is environmental detection, meaning heat, cold, flooding, smoke and carbon monoxide. These will make sure even if you’re sleeping or away from home, your house will know when you or it is in danger and call for help.

10) Energy Monitoring

Finally, for the “energy aficionados” in the enormous smart home community, IoT and smart devices offer a great way to know exactly how much energy your appliances and devices are eating and help you to optimize. Some smart outlets monitor energy use, and there are clip-on energy monitors and in-line monitors which can be installed by cutting and splicing a power cord. You might be surprised just what is and isn’t an energy drain.

Smart homes are quickly becoming the best invention since sliced bread because a single smart home infrastructure can incorporate dozens of IoT and smart devices, and the number of devices available is growing every month. Like what you see? Want more? Keep an eye out for great deals on smart homes and devices to figure out what belongs in your perfect new home. These helpful gadgets can be found in stores and eCommerce venues all over the world and new innovations are being created every day. There is even a wide variety of unusual smart home devices ranging from smart egg cartons to smart potted plants that water themselves.

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