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Three Common Mistakes People Make When Looking at Homes for Sale

Often, when people are looking at homes for sale, they come to believe that the practical aspect should overshadow everything else.  So, for example, if you have enough space in your home and there are many conveniences close by, such as shops and restaurants, you might think of it as the ideal place for you whether or not you actually feel comfortable in it.  Of courses, it’s very difficult to tell whether you’re going to be comfortable in a certain place, but here are a few things you should look out for:

  1. Is it large and sprawling or small and cozy? Most people think that having a bit of extra space is a good thing and it usually is.  Still, if you prefer a smaller, cozier aesthetic and feel most comfortable in rooms that make you feel warm and snug, then a sprawling home is likely to make you feel a bit lost.  Plus, don’t forget that the more space you have, the more you’ll have to clean.  There’s more maintenance to be done in a large home.  So get the home which seems like the right size and has the right feel.
  2. Can you see yourself doing the things you usually do in this home? You may love the fact that a home has a large kitchen.  Maybe you’ve always planned to start cooking more.  But think about it for a minute.  Is this one of those things that you’ve always planned but never executed?  Do you really think a large kitchen would make it more likely that you’ll start cooking more?  Or do you think it would make more sense for you to get a home with an extra bedroom that you can turn into a studio?  If you’ve been painting for a long time even without having space, chances are you’re going to continue doing so and having a larger room for it will probably make you happier.
  3. What was your gut reaction to the home? In his book, Blink, Malcolm Gladwell argues that first impressions are the most lasting ones.  No matter how much we try to cover them up with a veneer of politeness, we always return to them sooner or later.  You can’t make yourself like someone or something.  The same is true of homes.  If, when you see a home, the first thing you think is, “Oh, isn’t it too dark in here?” or “Isn’t this view a bit depressing?” then you’re likely to return to that feeling in the long run.  So consult your gut before you buy.

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