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Tips For A Happy And Safe Halloween

Jack O' Lantern pumpkins

It’s almost that time when ghosts and goblins come to your home expecting treats in exchange for not playing tricks. Even though we’re California new home builders who are proud of our developments, we’re parents first. So we want to take a break from our professional duties and offer the following tips so that you, your loved ones, and your visitors have a fun and safe Halloween.

This may be a no-brainer but if you want the little ones to stop by your home, you need to welcome them with Halloween décor. Check with the HOA to see what decorating is allowed on your exterior so you spend your dollars only on stuff you can use. Then stick with fun, simple pieces that are sturdy enough for kids to accidentally hit without breaking and that are weatherproof, in case they encounter an increasingly rare raindrop.

Clean Up
Be sure to remove any everyday décor, sculptures, ceramics, or delicate pieces from your stoop that children might damage. Go through your front path and front yard just before the big night to make sure there are no branches or rocks that can pose a tripping hazard.

Keep It Bright
To signal to little ghosts that yours is a friendly place, turn on all exterior lights as well as the lights in rooms that can be seen from the street. Rather than being the only house on the block that’s lit, ask your next door neighbors to turn on their fixtures as well, so your entire street will look welcoming. Avoid using candles and other sources of actual flame to light your Halloween décor. Instead, you can simulate the flicker of candle light in your pumpkins by relying on battery-operated artificial candles.

Protect Your Pets
Your pooch may be the friendliest one in the neighborhood when it comes to interacting with a few kids. But he may not know how to deal with inundations of strangely dressed creatures running around the neighborhood. In his excitement, your pet may jump on a tyke and flatten her, or end up biting somebody in self-defense. To prevent any such issues, keep your pet on a leash in the backyard or put him in an inside room. If you want him to participate in the celebration, buy some treats that you can hand him throughout the night as a reward for good behavior.

Stick with Commercial Treats
You may have fond memories of receiving baked goods and home-made treats when you went trick-or-treating as a kid. But such niceties are viewed with suspicion in today’s less innocent times. Hand out only commercially wrapped brand-name candies so the parents of visiting kids won’t have to worry. If you plan on entertaining dozens and dozens of trick-or-treaters, get your candy at near wholesale process from warehouse or big-box stores to save money.

Dress Up
Why not get into the spirit of the night by greeting the little ones while dressed in a costume? Stick with something that even the smallest kids can recognize and appreciate, and that reveals your face, so parents know who’s interacting with their loved ones. Make sure that your hands are free enough so that you can quickly and easily hand out candy without interference.

If you want more information on celebrating the holiday or want to tour one of our model homes as a future Halloween haunt, please contact us.