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Tips for Launching a New Community Today #2

By Dave Barisic
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Brandywine Homes

What are best practices for marketing a new community to buyers? What do you need to consider? Are new home builders still competing against foreclosures? How do you address that?

There are so many factors that we gauge whenmarketing a new community.  Who is the buyer?  That will determine in large partwhere we put our marketing $$ (e.g. with younger buyers we might focus entirelyon online media).  Regardless of this though, the key is constant communication,whether it be through mass media, e-blasts, or simple thank you cards to peoplewho stop by the office.  As for foreclosures, yes and no.  The sheer volume of theforeclosure inventory has decreased drastically in the recent months, making thatsegment less relevant for the time being.  Additionally, we offer things that mostforeclosed homes do not, such as a warranty, new appliances, and customizedoptions programs.  If a buyer is interested in those perks of buying a new home,foreclosures are not usually an obstacle.