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Tips for Moving into New Housing: From Going Slow to Getting Insurance

Moving into new housing is a complicated process, and the one mistake that people make routinely is underestimating how many things they have.  You think that all your books or papers are going to fit in ten boxes, but it turns out that twenty are required.  The same goes for your clothes, toiletries, linen etc.  In general, people just fail to take into account how many things they have besides their clothes and how many boxes are going to be needed to fit those things.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind while moving:

  • Start packing a few weeks in advance. The first time around, you’ll probably get as many boxes as you think you need, but once you finish using these up, you’ll have a better idea of how many more are needed.
  • Move things out slowly, if possible. Plan to pack and move things within a month.  That way, you’ll be able to move a little bit every week, if you plan to do it yourself.  Of course, this method of moving doesn’t work if you’re going to be moving across the country.  But if you’re just acquiring a bigger, nicer home that’s an hour or two away, you can always make a couple of trips and bring the furniture over in the last one.
  • Enlist friends.  Doing this in the final phase of moving is a good idea.  You can prepare snacks or order pizza so that you all have a good time at the same time as you get work done.  It can be like an informal housewarming party on the very day you move in.
  • Get movers. You know how much stuff you have and how many friends you can enlist for helping you move.  So if you think that it’s a better idea to get professional movers, then, by all means, go for it.  Most moving companies charge by the hour.  So make sure you overestimate how much time the process will take rather than underestimating it.  Making sure that the movers have some form of insurance in case they break something valuable is also a good idea.
  • Be practical, but have fun. After all, you’re going towards something bigger and better which will make you and your family happier in the long run.  So don’t get so bogged down in the details that you lose sight of the bigger picture.

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