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Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Once you’ve gone through the Marie Kondo method of purging and decided that everything left brings you joy, it’s time to thoughtfully store it. Whether you’re dealing with small closets or massive walk-ins, there are many ways to maximize the space available. These simple and inexpensive ways to organize your closet will make your life much easier:

1. Use Hanging Shoe Organizers for More Than Shoes
All those little cubbies in a hanging shoe rack just scream, fill me! You can roll up jeans, leggings and other bulky items and just slide them in and out.

2. Hang Shoes on the Door
Instead of using valuable real estate on the wall or floor for shoe shelves, consider a door hanger made especially for shoe storage. There a quite a few styles to choose from. There are also boot organizers available that will hang from closet rods.

3. Get Creative with Bars
You don’t have to succumb to just one bar hanging at one height. You can move them and add more, which can up to double the amount of space you need for hanging clothes. Move existing bars up higher and add one underneath.

4. Use Baskets for Extra Storage
Not just functional, wicker baskets on closet shelves look nice too. You can pack them with items you may not use all the time.

5. Towel Bars Aren’t Just for Towels
If you have random wall space you’re not sure how to utilize, try this. Hang towel bars there and utilize them for accessories like belts and scarves. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for immediately!

6. Hang Your Purses
Purses can be bulky to store. Instead of putting them in a box or on a shelf, hang shower curtain hooks on your closet rod, and then hang your purses from there. It will help them keep their shape and be easily accessible when you need them.

Clean, organized closets always bring joy! Spend a little time planning yours and we’re sure you’ll be happy with your efforts. Brandywine Homes has many floorplans with many closet styles. How fun will it be to start from scratch and design this coveted space exactly how you want right from the beginning!