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Top 3 Reasons New Housing Trumps Old Housing

One of the first things that comes to mind when deciding to buy a new or used home is cost.  However, there is so much more beyond the initial price tag.

Modern Urban Planning

Older neighborhoods had schools and shopping centers typically built around them as the need occurred.  That included highways and municipal buildings added after the fact. A commute to school or work can be an exasperating ordeal, especially during rush hour.  The design and planning did not always take in consideration any influx in population or needs of specific groups.    Imagine your home being built to offer and take advantage of existing amenities and their locations.  Being close to freeways, schools, shopping, and parks are just a sample of what new housing has to offer.  Urban communities provide city living at it’s best without compromise. Or, if that is not something desired, properties with park borders are available.

Peace of Mind

Often buyer’s remorse surfaces shortly after finding an undesirable and costly flaw.  Unfortunately, in many older homes the faults can remain potentially hidden for years even with a home inspection. It may take years to expose what a previous homeowner may have patched up and concealed.  Whether electrical or structural, it can be quite the premium to discover these defects and fix them, adding to the overall cost of the home. With a newly built home, one can be assured that it was built to code with inspections throughout the building process.

Saved Renovation Time and Expense

Many homeowners go headfirst with the purchase of an older home believing that they can eventually remodel an outdated floor plan.  Some plans are envisioned during the first tour of the house not taking in consideration construction and material cost when the project is finally initiated. Minor renovation also adds the inconvenience of the space being unavailable, noise and mess.  Timing for the projects to be completed and inspected signifies the importance to hire a competent contractor.  New home construction does not include such annoyances.  New homes are built with modern flow and comforts once thought as luxurious. Master bedroom on suites are now the norm.  Larger kitchens, closets and bedrooms are another perk to buying a new home.


Consider the true costs of owning a new home versus a used home. Please  contact us if you would like any further information.