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Turn Your Dream Bedroom into a Reality with These Four Simple Decorating Tips

Your bedroom is your oasis. It’s the one room in the house that’s only yours. When guests come over they wander through the kitchen, dining room, and living rooms, but most of them avoid your bedroom. It’s your sanctuary. As such, you should decorate it in a way that creates a haven for you, a beautiful place for relaxation and comfort.

1. Bigger is Better
It’s easier to enjoy your oasis if it feels more open and spacious. So, if your bedroom feels a little cramped and you’d like to open it up, there’s a quick trick that will give the illusion of more space with minimal effort and cost to you. Simply place two mirrors on the sides of your bed, behind your night stands. The reflection will open the wall up and trick the eye into seeing a larger room than what’s really there. It’s an easy designer trick that will take you mere minutes to pull off.

2. Elegant and Classy
Make your bedroom instantly elegant by adding a rug and couch, or chairs, to the foot of your bed. The added furniture gives your bedroom a luxury hotel look while amping up the comfort and relaxation level of the room. It’s both warm and inviting while still maintaining an overall classy feel. You can change the look from season to season by adding a few pillows or plush throws over the chairs in varying hues. This design tip also helps fill an empty space in your bedroom without cluttering it. You don’t want to leave your bedroom bare, after all. If you do, the excess space in your bedroom will draw the eye most of the time, distracting from the beauty around it. By adding a few stylish chairs, a couch or a soft rug you create a more completed look within the room.

3. Dress up Your Windows

If your windows are bare, you should add curtains. Curtains pull a room together, and they make unattractive windows blend with the rest of the decor. One thing you should keep in mind when hanging curtains is that there’s a right and wrong way to do it. Most people have been doing it the “wrong way” for a very long time. You shouldn’t hang your curtains right at the top of your window. This, while still an improvement to a bare window, will make the window feel small and closed off. If you hang the curtains from the base of the ceiling it will create a more dramatic look that opens up the window and makes the ceiling feel taller. It’s another great way to open up a room while dressing your windows to look as elegant and beautiful as the rest of your decor.

4. Add Lighting
There’s nothing more romantic and peaceful than soft lighting. It’s one of the reasons you feel so relaxed just by walking into the spa. The ambient lighting immediately makes you feel relaxed and at peace. Recreate that feeling by creating your own serene oasis right within your bedroom. This look works extremely well with dark furniture and white or cream-colored bedding and rugs. The contrast blends with the lighting to create a romantically dark atmosphere without letting the darkness dominate the room. The easiest way to add soothing light to your bedroom is with candles. Put a few LED candles in tall stand-up vases at the foot of the bed, beside your couch or chairs, and add a few to your nightstand. You can get even more creative and use Christmas lights. String the lights behind your curtains to create a faint, romantic glow during the evening.

These creative bedroom ideas will transform your bedroom from an ordinary room to an extraordinary, relaxing oasis you’ll love to spend time in. Best of all, these ideas are not hard or expensive. So, pick one or try them all. Either way, you’ll love your new peaceful haven.

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