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Upgrades to Orange County Homes that Are Worth the Investment

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When you buy a new Orange County home, you’re faced with an almost limitless array of upgrades to customize the purchase to your exact taste. Some choices are fairly obvious. You want to pick the upgrades that you and your family can use, such as an extra bedroom to accommodate a child rather than a loft.

As for other design options, how do you pick them? The following are a few guidelines:

Put it in the kitchen and bath.

The rooms that impress visitors and buyers the most are your kitchen and bathrooms. So it makes sense to put most of your upgrade money into these rooms. If the budget allows, add higher-quality appliances, high-end countertops, and custom kitchen cabinets that stretch to the ceiling. Consider whether you really need tubs in all the bathrooms or if a larger spa-like shower would make more sense for your busy lifestyle. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your decision every day and will most likely get a high return on your investment when you sell.

Bring in light and privacy. All the large windows in your new home flood your interior with natural light. But they also expose what you’re doing inside to neighbors and passersby. If you want to maintain the advantages of light plus give yourself more privacy, choose top-down window coverings. Because these shades open from the top, they bring light into your ceilings and upper walls while still hiding what’s closer to the floor. For additional brightness without sacrificing any privacy, add frosted glass or opt for skylights.

Things expand to fill the space. One of the reasons for buying a new home is so that you and your family gain more space. However, your possessions typically expand to fill the space no matter how expansive it is. So always opt for more storage whenever possible. Add additional closets, include organizers inside kitchen cabinets and walk-in wardrobes, put sheds in the backyard, and integrate utility shelves and cabinets in the garage.

Feel the power. If there are any rooms that you intend to use as office spaces, hobby rooms, or entertainment areas, include extra outlets and switches to accommodate the extra electrical devices that these activities entail. Include a ceiling fan, so you can more efficiently eliminate the heat that your equipment generates. Consider adding more outlets in at least three locations: the pantry for small appliances, the garage for all your power tools, and under the eaves for Christmas lights.

Go low maintenance. A main floor that uses wood, tile, carpet and stone may be exciting to look at but you’re going to need a different cleaning solution for each one. Intricate moldings and switch plates, dark-colored countertops and chandeliers may all be very glamorous but do you have the time and energy to maintain them? If you don’t, go for options that are easy to take care of. Use neutral colors, one material for floor surfaces, and simple designs.

Be water wise. The California drought isn’t going away any time soon so choose outdoor landscaping that uses little to no water. If you enjoy greenery, eschew lawns for drought-tolerant native plants. Transform your grassy spaces into outdoor rooms by using decks, patios, and other hardscapes. You can still enjoy plants and flowers by confining them to containers, which take less water to maintain.

Your new home sales agent will have more suggestions and ideas about upgrades that add the most value to your dwelling. If you have any questions or want to buy a new home, please contact us.