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Water-Saving Stats for Orange County Homes

What little rain we’ve had this winter has done nothing to alleviate our multi-year drought. However, buying a new Orange County home helps because you’re automatically getting the latest water-saving appliances and plumbing technology.

If you’re still concerned about our growing lack of this precious liquid, and who isn’t, you can take further steps to minimize water use as described by the Yorba Linda Water District. The agency also details statistics on how much you actually save with each recommendation, so you can choose the most effective ones to try.

·         Clear your driveway with a broom instead of a hose. This saves 21 gallons each time.

·         Rather than a lawn or water-hungry flowers for your front and back yard, install native Southern California plants that require little to no watering. You’ll save 120 gallons per day for every thousand square feet of turf that you do not use. Another no-water option is to used hardscaping, such as a brick patio.

·         Run your washer only when it has a full load. You’ll save from 15 to 40 gallons per wash, which totals 105 to 280 gallons a week, assuming you wash every day.

·         Reduce your shower time and stop running the sink faucet when you brush your teeth, shave, or wash your hands. You’ll save about five gallons per minute. Eliminating about five minutes of water use saves 25 gallons each time.

·         Never wash dishes by hand because you use up 5 gallons a minute. It actually saves water if you rely on your dishwasher for this chore, especially if you run the machine only when it’s full.

If you want to know what else you can do in your new house to save water, or want to buy a home, please contact us.