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Websites to Help with Real Estate in California

If you’re reading this, then you at least know that our website is one online resource that can help with real estate in Orange and Los Angeles counties. However, the Internet is full of other sites you can use to find out more about our developments or sell your current home. As California new home builders, here are some of our favorites.

Google Maps

Type the address of one of our neighborhoods into Google Maps and you can scope out the community from the comfort of your chair.

  •  Click the Earth square on the lower left of the map that comes up so you can get an aerial view of your surroundings. Use the “+” and “-” buttons on the lower right to zoom in and out.
  •  Click the Tilt View button, which is the top button on the lower right, for a three-dimensional view of the neighborhood. To rotate the view, use the circular button above it.
  •  To get a street view, click your mouse on the Yellow Man icon on the lower right. While holding down the mouse key, move the man to the map and blue lines appear on the roads. Drop the man on any of the lines and the map changes to a street-level view of the neighborhood. Click on a road in the image and you’ll be able to walk forward in the view.
  •  On the lower left, click “Back to Map” to return to the Map view. To find out what businesses, parks, and other community resources are near your potential home, type the following in the Search box on the upper left: “<resource> near <address>” to find such places as banks or schools.  For example, to find supermarkets near our Covington community, type “supermarkets near 18052 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA.” The map zooms out and identifies all the supermarkets near the address.


Like everyone else, you need to get to work in the morning, pick up the kids from school, and shop for groceries. It would be nice to know what the traffic is like so you can plan your commutes wisely. shows you a continually updated map of the Southern California freeway system showing where there’s congestion. Green means a smooth flow, yellow is slower, and red is heavy stop-and-go traffic.

Diamonds on the map show incidents, such as an accident. Clicking on a diamond gives more detailed information, including when the incident occurred and what lanes are blocked. Move the cursor to a Camera icon and an image from that traffic camera appears.

Other Websites

Want some idea of the property tax you’ll be paying? Visit the Orange County Treasurer where you can enter an address to view its property tax bill. If the property has yet to be developed and has no bill, you can enter the address of a similar property nearby to get some idea of the taxes. Los Angeles County does not offer a similar service.

To find out about the schools that your child may be attending, enter the address of our neighborhood into The page shows the schools assigned to occupants of the address, gives it a rating from 1 to 10, and shows reviews by local parents who give the school one to five stars. Clicking on the school reveals more information, such as graduation rate, English and math proficiency scores, and links to the school website.

If you want to know more about our neighborhoods or want to visit one of them in person, please contact us.