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West Covina Houses for Sale: Choosing Townhome Living

When it comes to the different West Covina houses for sale, there are a lot of single-family homes from the building boom after World War II. But not everyone has the time to devote to the major renovation of fixer-uppers. West Covina, located about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, is experiencing a new construction housing renaissance. Brandywine Homes, a pioneer of infill development in Southern California, has plans to build a gated townhome community called Knoll Creek in West Covina. Low-maintenance and easy townhome living fits in with the motto of the city: “live, work, play.” Whether you are retired or in the midst of a career, there are benefits to choosing townhome living in the city of West Covina.

Freeing up your time

According to a recent article by, townhome living is desirable because there is no maintenance to worry about such as weeding, mowing or taking care of a pool. By not having to worry about painting the exterior of your home or doing yard work, you have more time to work or make new friends.

Socializing with neighbors

Many West Covina houses for sale are in well-established neighborhoods in which people already have their long-time friends. By buying a townhome in a new community, people are more likely to be receptive to meeting neighbors. In many cases, people who reside in a townhome community are a closer-knit community with more social opportunities. Shared amenities often create a more social atmosphere.

Having a sense of security

Security is one of the advantages of many townhome communities, including the gated townhome community of Knoll Creek in West Covina. Many people feel safer in townhome communities because they are closer to their neighbors. Some West Covina houses for sale may be quaint, but not offer the security many people desire.

Walking to attractions

According to, another major benefit of townhome living is being in a convenient location. Most townhome dwellers can walk to coffee shops, restaurants and other attractions. West Covina is home to McIntyre Square, the Lakes at West Covina with a movie theater and West Covina Village as well as the HK2Food District, Plaza West Covina regional mall and The Heights at West Covina retail shopping.

For more information on the Knoll Creek townhomes that range from 1,535 sq. ft. – 1,949 sq. ft., pleasecontact us.