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What Do Homebuyers Typically Buy After Moving Into Their New Homes?

Bedroom at Seabright

There are a lot of things to be taken care of when you move into your new home in Norwalk, California.  You need to settle into a pattern with regard to all your payments—from your mortgage and tax payments to your utility bills.  And then, there are all the things you’re going to need to buy, from furniture to crockery.  If you’re wondering what homebuyers typically buy after moving in, here’s a few tips that will give you an idea of what to expect:


You can’t have a home without furniture.  And many times, the furniture you had at your old home isn’t going to fit into your new one because of a difference in room size.  You can bring over the things that are going to fit but keep in mind that you might have to buy a sofa, coffee table, dining table and chairs, one or more beds, chests of drawers and bookshelves.  Here’s a great article from Huffington Post that tells you why you shouldn’t buy furniture from places that offer 0% financing.  Plus, it also explains how to get the perfect sofa, which won’t start dipping in the place where you sit the most.


In order to fully stock your kitchen, you’ll need a set of plates and bowls, cutlery and plastic boxes and jars to store snacks and spices. You’ll also need glasses and cups, serving bowls, pots and pans for cooking, a microwave, and maybe a blender and a toaster oven.

If you’re really into cooking and would like a more thorough list, check out this one by Epicurious which includes more items like a salad spinner, steamer, measuring cups and bowls.  It also gives great recommendations about product quality and price.


If your home doesn’t come with a washer and dryer, you might need to buy these as well.  Sometimes, people also like to have a small folding stand on which to hang their delicates.  If many of your clothes require ironing, you’ll need an iron and an ironing board.  Plus, don’t forget to get hangers for your clothes and laundry baskets.


In addition to your toiletries, you’ll probably need a shower curtain for each bathroom, a bathmat, towels, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.  Many people also like to put a few plants and a magazine holder in their bathrooms.  Plus, you might need to install a few shelves to hold your shampoos, conditioners etc.  Although these are the basics, you can do so much more to decorate your bathroom.  Check out this inspirational list from Country Living which includes a number of quirky finds like a claw-footed bathtub, climbing vine tiles and a hay-collecting bin turned into a sink.


You’ll need curtains or window shades for all your rooms, including your bedroom.  Plus, you’ll probably want to get bed sheets and pillow cases that match your curtains.  For each bed, you might want to get at least 2 to 3 sets of bed sheets.  A light comforter is also a must for those chilly days.  If you like to read into the night, you might want to get some bedside lamps.


If you’re planning to have a home office or a study in your house, you’ll need a desk and chair.  You should probably also get bookshelves and a filing cabinet to hold your things.  In addition to your computer, you might want to invest in a printer.  Don’t forget to buy your stationery, such as printer paper, notebooks, pens, a stapler, staples, paper clips, thumb tacks etc.  If you have time, why not make a few craft items that are both practical and aesthetically attractive?  Here are a few instructions from House Beautiful on making things like a cork trivet pencil holder (it’s much easier to make than it sounds), a chalkboard clipboard, a herringbone bulletin board and a geometric paper weight.

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