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What is an Infill Development?

Century Village Before

At Brandywine we’re very excited about infill property. In fact, many of the new homes we build in Southern California are built in these types of areas. What does that mean to a buyer? It means instead of purchasing a brand-new home in a location that is still being developed – which can mean a lack of shopping, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. nearby – you’re purchasing in an area that is already well established.

Century Village After

We especially like to develop these types of neighborhoods because we are injecting new life into an area that might not necessarily be thriving. We can efficiently use existing land and not just build homes, but also add some nice perks such as common areas and pocket parks. It’s an exciting process to watch an urban area get a new lease on life.

Another reason for being excited about infill developments is that the resources are already there for not only the home builder but also the home buyer. For example, your kids will go to established schools…trees are often full grown…parks are fully equipped…mass transportation routes are already established. And for us, we can piggyback on already built public infrastructure for such utilities as wastewater, electricity and telecommunications.

Often, we can utilize original buildings and design around them giving our developments a little historical character. For example, at our Palmera community, a more than 100-year-old building is located on the neighboring property. Eventually it will be developed for retail, and the residents of Palmera and those in the vicinity will be able to enjoy a little renovated piece of Los Angeles history. You can read about this quaint brick building, a former trolley sub station, here.

When you’re considering a move to a new neighborhood, please give some thought to an infill location. You may be very surprised at all they can offer you! If you’re interested in living in Baldwin Park, please come visit our Palmera community.