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What to Do When Your New House Isn’t Ready By Moving Day

Moving is a complicated process and every circumstance is different. One of the biggest challenges for anyone moving is time coordination, ensuring both that your current home is emptied before your final deadline and that the next place is available by the time the moving trucks arrive. However, it doesn’t always work out that smoothly. For renters, the lease on your first place may expire before the lease on your next place begins and for those who are buying and selling homes, timing the closing on both a sale and a purchase at the same time is practically acrobatics. There are even situations where you might have a complex job relocation process further complicating the move.

So what do you do if you have to move out of one place before your new house is ready to move into? Fortunately, your movers will usually have you covered.

Getting Packed Up

The first step is one of necessity. No matter where you or your stuff will be staying, you’ve simply got to get it out of the first house. Renting or selling, it’s likely you’ll want at least a day with the home empty to do an incredibly thorough cleaning wave which means getting packed up and out of the location as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you do all your own packing or ask the movers to help out with the big or delicate things, soon you can have everything in a truck and have fulfilled your duties to clear out. But now what?

Going Into Temporary Storage

If you have talked to your movers, then the solution may have already become clear. The situation you’re in may feel unique and incredibly stressful but it’s a perfectly normal situation for your movers. A certain number of their customers every year need a little ‘layover’ time for their items, so they will be prepared for this. Most moving services either have an in-house storage facility or work with one for your convenience so your items will be safely taken care of while you arrange for your next home to be available. Double check to make sure the storage is indoors and climate controlled so your home items will be safe from the effects of temperature and humidity.

Finding a Place to Stay

Now that your items have a temporary home during the delay, it’s time to take care of yourself. Being between homes can be a very challenging time and if you want to enjoy your move, it’s important to have a safe place to crash, relax, and get your ducks back in a row. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and not just your home items during this incredibly hectic time.

Completing the Move

When your destination home is finally ready, it’s time to complete your move. Because your items are already packed up in boxes and stored in a semi-sorted fashion in the locker, your movers can quickly load everything back up onto the trucks to get your boxes, furniture, and decor transported quickly and efficiently to wherever you’ll be living next. They’ll often even be happy to unpack everything into the correct rooms, reassemble the furniture, and help you get heavy objects into place before they go.

Moving is not always an easy or simple maneuver and professional movers have seen almost every variation of crazy moving situations. If you have to move out of your old house before the new one is ready for all your furniture, the answer is climate-controlled storage in the meantime either provided by your movers or arranged DIY with friends and family instead.

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