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Why Buy New Housing at Estates Pasadena

It’s easy enough to explain why anyone would choose to buy a home in Pasadena. The city boasts attractions that are known world-wide from the Impressionists masterpieces at the Norton-Simon Museum to the Rose Bowl Parade. The delights of urban living are nestled next to some attractive mountains with trails that bring you close to nature. And the city has preserved much of its history from the Victorian shopfronts of downtown to the Craftsman integrity of the single-family homes.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of owning one of the city’s vintage homes. They’re definitely attractive from the exterior with their unique architecture and seeming attention to the environment in the form of wood everywhere. But those homes also harbor unpleasant realities inside.

·         The electrical systems are hardly adequate to handle the loads posed by modern appliances, computers, and entertainment devices.

·         The houses were built before climate-control systems so you have to suffer the extreme heat of summer due to lack of air-conditioning.

·         You could refit the home to modern standards, a costly undertaking that often destroys the architectural integrity of the structure.

With new housing at Estates Pasadena, you can enjoy the best that the city has to offer while living in high-tech, energy-efficient, and environmentally sensitive homes. The homes feature the latest energy-efficient appliances and lighting, wiring for high-tech security and entertainment systems, and dual-zone central heating and air-conditioning.

You’ll also enjoy high style and luxurious decorator touches, such as dark-stained cabinetry, over-sized soaking tubs and tile showers, granite countertops, and your choice of French, English or Cape Cod architecture.

But don’t take our word for it. Why don’t you contact us for a site visit? Then you can see for yourself why these homes are perfect for you.