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Why our Homebuyers Love Townhomes and Multifamily Residences

Land is often scarce in California, but let’s face it…it is the best place to live! Yes…we’re a little biased, but with its continuous sunshine, incredible land to the sea natural surroundings and unending list of fun things to do, why move away!

Because of this, however, there are a lot of us! And often the best way for us to live comfortably is to consider a townhome. Besides being a part of a true neighborhood, there are a lot of benefits to this communal lifestyle:

1. Too busy to keep up the garden? No problem! Don’t like mowing? No problem! In shared living communities, you can take those to-do items right off your list leaving you more time to enjoy your free time.
2. Residents of these types of properties can enjoy a real sense of security. From well-lit common areas and parking lots to, often times, gated entrances, it’s easy to feel more relaxed. And the proximity to your neighbors means you’re all paying attention like an unofficial neighborhood watch.
3. Luxury isn’t only found in detached homes. Many townhomes are larger than a single-family house while being less expensive. Luxury townhomes often include thoughtful layouts and surprisingly expansive rooms packed with high-end features.
4. Some townhomes, including many of the ones built by Brandywine Homes, are located right in the center of areas that already have established communities with nearby (sometimes walkable!) retail, restaurants and shops.
5. Because of shared walls, utility expenses tend to be less than in a single-family home. And out-of-pocket maintenance costs are fewer because so much of the exterior is often covered by the development itself like exterior walls, roofs, etc.

Owning a home is an exciting adventure, and we’re fortunate to live in an area where we have so many options of home types that fit our finances and lifestyle. Visit our Neighborhoods page to see what Brandywine Homes has available in Southern California today and in the near future.