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Why Urban Infill Homes Are Cooler than Suburban Tracts

Provence in Yorba Linda

Urban infill homes are cooler, which is why we build them all around Orange County for hipsters, families, and empty nesters. Because they’re built on undeveloped or otherwise vacant land within established communities, they offer many advantages that suburban tracts far out in the boonies don’t. Check out the reasons why you should be looking at these types of developments.

Easier Transportation
Business and industry site themselves inside existing communities for better access to transportation services and to take advantage of a larger pool of potential employees. Reaching these workplaces may take hours from developments built in far-off areas.

Our urban infill homes rise up closer to these offices, shortening commutes and allowing you to spend more quality time with your new home. In addition, a study from the Nonprofit California Housing Partnership Corporation states that putting housing closer to jobs reduces pollution significantly as people switch to carpools, public transportation, cycling, and walking to get to work.

Proximity to Services
Have you ever toured distant tracts promising that supermarkets, movie houses, schools, and gas stations would someday fill empty buildings? Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. With our homes, you don’t have to worry about vacant retailers. Our urban infill offerings are already surrounded by the shops you need. You’ll typically find multiple types of shopping, recreation, and entertainment within easy reach.

Neither will you have to worry that your kids will be spending hours on long-distance school buses just to get to new educational facilities that have artificially sprung up to cater to the new development. It’s just a short ride to nearby neighborhood schools, some of which have developed stellar reputations over decades. In some cases, such as with our Provence neighborhood, schools are within walking distance.

Lower Expenses
When a business ranks as the only one of its kind for miles around, it can charge whatever it likes for it products and services because you don’t have a choice. When several businesses compete for your patronage, you can patronize the one that offers the best deal. This lowers your expenses for everything from cleaning services to gasoline and groceries.

In Case of Emergency
Nobody likes to think of emergencies when considering a new home. But they do happen. Ask yourself how long it would take for a fire truck, an ambulance, or even a plumber to reach a house in a distant tract. Our developments are usually within a few minutes reach of first-responders, repair experts, and trades people, which magnifies your chances of a healthy recovery.

Higher Property Values
A vacant or undeveloped lot benefits no one. It generates almost no revenue for the city. Its overgrown weeds and bushes may become a tinderbox during our dry weather and pose accident hazards for kids who play in them. It may also attract trash as well as hoodlums with questionable activities on their minds.

In contrast, cities typically open their arms to our developments because of the increased revenue that residential property taxes bring in. New well-kept structures and landscaping turn blighted lots into beautiful and desirable places to be in. Property values go up over time, not only for the new homes but for the neighborhoods nearby.

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