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Your Children and Your New Brandywine Home

You could gush on for hours on what you like about the Brandywine Home that you intend to buy. The open floor plan or the stainless steel appliances, just to name few.

So why are your kids not as excited? Not only do they whine and moan about the new digs but they’re openly hostile about your planned move. Put yourselves in their little shoes for a second. Your parents just told you that we are moving to a new house in a few days. You don’t know why since you’re perfectly fine with the only house you’ve ever known. You suddenly have to leave all your friends and your school to deal with something that is unknown and scary. It’s no wonder that you don’t want to go.

You can spare your kids all this grief and your attendant anxiety, and get them just as excited about the new house as you are, by following these easy tips.

Prep them for a change.
Even before you begin looking for a new home, start asking your kids about what they think is wrong with your current one. Ask them if they can come up with any solutions for solving problem areas like the lack of bathrooms or bedrooms that are too small. Depending on their ages, you may get fanciful suggestions or practical ones. If you have this conversation several times, eventually one of your kids may come up with the idea of buying a new home. If the idea of a new purchase seems to stem from them, then they’ll be more open to going on the house hunt.

Take them along.
When you start looking at models and new developments, bring your kids along. Ask them what they like about the new home and what their favorite part was. Have them imagine themselves in their bedrooms and how they would decorate them. Point out all the advantages of the new space, such as a playground and pool at the community center or a bigger indoor play area.

Ask for their decorating advice.
When it comes to specifying options for the new house, ask for the advice of your kids. Give them the freedom to choose paint colors, window coverings, and furniture for their own rooms. If they’re old enough, give them a budget that they can use to buy furniture and accessories for their bedrooms.

Show them the neighborhood.
Take your kids on a tour of the new neighborhood and the spaces that they are sure to enjoy, such as a local park or their intended school. See if you can enroll them in any clubs or sports teams ahead of time, so they can start participating in local activities before the move and make friends. Getting them familiar with their new playmates and environment goes a long way in making them comfortable during the move.

Have them pack and unpack.
Give your kids ownership of the moving process. Have them pack their own things if they’re old enough, or have them help if they’re too young. When you reach your new home, given them the responsibility for unpacking and setting up their rooms. The older your kids are, the more leeway you should give them in customizing their spaces to their tastes.

Don’t forget their old friends.
Have your kids keep in touch with their old friends with invites to parties at your new home. By building a bridge between the old and the new, your kids become more comfortable with new friends and places because they realize they can always turn to their old friends if they need familiarity.

If you want to know more about easing your kids into a new home purchase or if you want to check out some of our model homes for yourself, Brandywine Homes is opening six new communities this year offering a combined 265 single-family homes and townhomes. Click here for more information.