Our Vision

Brandywine Homes started out like so many other companies in America - with an entrepreneur and an idea.

After a decade and a half of building in new and sprawling master planned communities, Jim Barisic shifted his focus toward the significant opportunities to be found in assisting older and more crowded coastal cities in Southern California.

People in search of new homes were leaving these built-out communities, and the time had come to reverse this trend.

In 1994, Jim Barisic founded Brandywine with a business plan to help revitalize established neighborhoods and convert underutilized and often run-down space into needed housing.

So while most homebuilders left the cities behind, Brandywine set up shop closer to jobs and extended families along the coast.

Empty land was hard to find. But pockets of opportunity existed where modern homes could replace outdated strip malls, parking lots or empty warehouses.

Over the years, Jim's three sons joined the firm, each bringing a different set of talents, and together the family grew Brandywine into one of the pre-eminent infill builders in Southern California.

Brandywine has been at it through good times and bad. And we're not slowing down.

We understand the value of community, long-term partnerships and people who deserve quality design, craftsmanship and service right in their own hometown.