Brett Whitehead


“There is a lot of opportunity out there now in the infill development market. You just have to know what you’re looking for and be open to finding answers in unexpected places.”

Brett had just earned his MBA at Pepperdine University with his sights set on Wall Street when he decided to lend his financial expertise to Brandywine in 1998. Now, he is our president.

His background in finance has played a large role in Brandywine’s development of an impressive network of construction lenders and equity partners in the face of a very challenging building and development market. Brett oversees land acquisition, entitlements, forward planning and finance. He has been an integral part of the acquisition and planning of over 25 developments and almost 800 residential units.

He works closely with a variety of redevelopment agencies and was primarily responsible for assisting the City of Stanton in developing the Stanton Plaza Specific Plan as a guide for future development within the city. His hands-on approach in developing community land plans allows Brandywine to create unique and innovative communities that complement surrounding neighborhoods and help complete the vision of the cities that welcome them in.