Dave Barisic

Vice President
Sales and Marketing/Principal

“Brandywine stays focused on what homebuyers actually want. We don’t take anything for granted. We’re always turning the stone over, watching for new trends and asking ourselves what people are looking for that they can’t find anywhere else.”

When it comes to reading the market and knowing what our customers want in a new home, there’s no one better than David, who has been our vice president of sales and marketing since 2001.

His duties require a wide and deep understanding of the marketplace that David has developed by interviewing residents, poring over local publications and researching the histories of previous developments. He strategically blends this local data into the real estate market by conducting monthly analyses of existing and new home sales data, inventory and pricing trends. This enables Brandywine to develop communities that not only appeal to our customers, but also are a seamless fit into surrounding neighborhoods.

David’s impressive track record with us includes overseeing the sale of homes in 25 communities across southern California and driving $360 million in revenue. He manages the day-to-day operations of our on-site sales staff, directs Brandywine’s marketing and advertising campaigns and navigates filings through the Department of Real Estate. He has been a licensed real estate broker in California since 2003.